Fall 2006 Program

Research theme: Acoustic exploration of orcas and their environment

Class 061: August 21 to October 29, 2006 (10 weeks)

Place wks Dates Science steps
Land 3 Aug21-Sep10 Preparation of proposals
Sea 2 Sep11-Sep24 Sail training and preliminary data collection
Land 1 Sep25-Oct01 Initial data analysis and proposal revision
Sea 3 Oct02-Oct22 Further data collection and analysis
Land 1 Oct23-Oct28 Final analysis; paper and talk completion
Land = Friday Harbor Labs; Sea = Gato Verde catamaran

Special events:
Oct 28: Final talks, 9-12 am + lunch for all attendees
Oct 29: Day sails with parents & other guests from FHL dock

Syllabus (Word format)
Student Field Guide (Fall 2006 PDF)
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Images, video, and sounds
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Contributions to marine sustainability
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  Scientific results and recollections

Colleen BarryDetermining patterns of whistle use in southern resident killer whales
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (42Mb) | Blogbook
Rena EscobedoSurface behaviors of southern resident killer whales: Are they responding to vessel noise?
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (48Mb) | Blogbook
Peggy ForemanLocalizing vocalizations in southern resident killer whales: A look at gender differences
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (12Mb) | Blogbook
Juliette NashBehavior and acoustic relationships: The significance of shared calls in the southern resident killer whales
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (2Mb) | Blogbook
Emily PiersonAnalysis of the ability of boat noise to mask killer whale communication through modeling
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (27Mb) | Blogbook
Erin SoucyPatterns of southern resident killer whale movement in relation to tides and currents
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk | Blogbook

Instructors, Captains, and visiting scientists:
Jason Wood Lead instructor Resumè | Blogbook
Donna Hauser Instructor Resumè | Blogbook
Val Veirs Instructor Resumè | Blogbook
Scott Veirs Instructor Resumè | Blogbook
Todd Shuster Captain Resumè | Blogbook

Press coverage: San Juan Journal article about the student talks