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This is a copy of the descriptive text posted by Lon on eBay in late 2008:

LAB-40 Hydrophone System

This is a Complete System. Ready to go... Just add water.

This system comes complete with speaker amplifier (9 volt battery installed), and the LAB-40 hydrophone (20 foot super-flex cable with connector).

Just plug the LAB-40 hydrophone into the speaker amplifier, drop the hydrophone in an ocean, river, stream, swimming pool, fish tank, bath tub, (water) - turn the amplifier "ON" - and your ready to listen to whales, dolphin, fish, frogs, boats - the wonderful and interesting world of underwater sound.

I have included a 20 db in-line boost amplifier - for added applications (see note below), and some great software..


The LAB-40 hydrophone is an omnidirectional, state of the art, general purpose hydrophone. It is 3.75 inches long by 1.10 inches in diameter and is weighted to 82.5 grams to hang vertically in a column of water. This hydrophone can be towed at slow speeds, and will withstand 1000 foot depths.

The LAB-40 System comes (off the shelf) with a 20 foot super flex cable with a 1/8 inch phone plug connector, standard for most audio equipment. This hydrophone can be plugged directly into a microphone jack of a laptop computer or sound card, minidisc, dat, or ipod recorder, camcorders - any audio equipment that has a powered microphone input jack (electric capacitor microphone). Most all electronic equipment, amplifiers can easily be adapted or modified for power microphones, devices.

The LAB-40 hydrophone has a wide frequency range of 5 to 85,000 cycles (Hz) +/- 3 db. This frequency response is above and below human hearing (40 to 20,000 cycles). The LAB-40 can pick up the sounds of the Sperm or Blue Whale (5 to 15 cycles) to the Dolphin's (60,000 cycles and above), fish tags, acoustic transmitters and beacons (15,000 to 80,000 cycles). You will need special equipment to hear or record these higher or lower frequencies.

The LAB-40 is highly sensitive to acoustic wave (sound), and durable. The LAB-40 was designed with a large dynamic range to amplitude - so you can hear the smallest of fish, to whales, dolphins and the high pressure acoustic waves of large ships, high explosives, etc. (30 to 280 dbm) - without overloading.

The LAB-40 hydrophone has an instrumentation equalization line driver preamplifier connected directly to it's pick-up element, located in the hydrophone's head. This preamplifier is used for impedence matching, noise reduction, and requires a small amount of current supplied via the cable, powered by the microphone jack. This hydrophone has a current carrier cable line driver, the kind used in long-line telephone communication systems - so you can extend the cable lengths to thousands of feet without adding noise or decreasing output levels.

Provided in the LAB-40 system - is a pocket size, self contained speaker amplifier (test amp). This speaker amplifier is powered by a common 9 volt battery but you can power this unit with an external source via a jack. This little amplifier has a powered microphone input jack for the hydrophone, and a speaker output jack for powering external speakers, PAs, stereo equipment, headphones or other amplifiers.


I'm including an optional in-line boost amplifier which gives you an increase in gain, 20 db. This little amplifier plugs in between the hydrophone and microphone jack on the speaker amplifier. The in-line amplifier increases the hydrophone's detectability range, and enables this hydrophone to be used for many other uses - like an open air waterproof Microphone - good for recording birds, Geophone good for listening to underground sounds (earth quakes), or Contact Microphone good for surface acoustics - finding noisy bearings or vibrations. You do not needed this boost amplifier for normal hydrophone use - it's just a little extra add on.

Payment and Shipping--------------

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We will calculate your shipping cost - add it to your order (cost of goods), you make payment using Pay-Pal. When we receive your payment - then we will ship via your instructions..


You can "Buy-It-Now" the LAB-40 Hydrophone System which includes shipping and handling costs in the USA for $265.00 US via "Pay-Pal" When we receive your payment - we will ship your order - via UPS Blue 2-day (USA).. All we need is a good shipping address.

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LAB-core System------------

Our company designs, prototypes and custom manufacture hydrophones, electronic circuits, devices, probes, sensors and arrays for research. If you need hydrophones with longer cables, different connectors, adaptors or interfaces - or have any QUESTIONS - PLEASE e-mail or call us at 1-360-786-1622.

Thank you, RoboLON

Our e-mail address is: OrcaSound@AOL.COM

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