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Experiments with Vemco acoustic tags and receivers

Spring, 2008: deployed two V13P tags in lingcod off Lime Kiln lighthouse and monitored depths with a VR100

Fall, 2008: In partnership with UW/Fisheries, deployed a VR2 off Lime Kiln lighthouse to detect passing tags serendipitously (no associated tagging).

Spring/Summer, 2009:

  • 04/19/09: In partnership with UW/Fisheries/NOAA, re-deployed VR2 at Lime Kiln. Jason verified that the Lime Kiln VR2 was still in place on 7/14/09.
  • In May, deployed a second at Orcasound lab ~4km N of Lime Kiln [1].
  • 06/29/09: Val and Jason deployed a third at the south end of the mouth of False Bay [2].

Winter, '09-'10:

  • 01/02/10: Scott, Val, and Jason re-deploy the Lime Kiln receiver.
  • 01/03/10: Scott, Val, and Jason re-deploy the Orcasound receiver.

2010 San Juan Project (UW/NOAA/+ collaboration, funded by SRFB)

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